Let’s teach success to those who think it’s out of reach. – GC

Let’s teach success to those who think it’s out of reach. – GC

Our Mission

To provide mentoring and financial literacy education to adolescents in underserved and at-risk populations, especially those without a father figure.

Why the System is Broken

No one teaches underprivileged kids about money, how to work and how to have a voice in the world. They don’t obtain real life skills and the right knowledge. The lack of the right guidance makes them go down the wrong path, become gang members, march for money and loot. And how big is the problem? This is not just an inner city issue but a nationwide problem. 24,000,000 kids are being raised in households without a father present and the statistics of fatherless kids are undeniable. Kids without fathers are more likely to be poor, involved in drugs and alcohol abuse, drop out of school and suffer from mental and emotional problems. Boys are more likely to become involved in crimes and girls are seven times more likely to become pregnant as teen.

About Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is widely acknowledged as the world’s most effective sales trainer, as well as an internationally known speaker on business, sales, marketing, money and success. He has created 21 top-selling business programs and is the author of numerous best-selling books including the New York Times best-sellers, The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First You’re Last. Grant owns and operates seven companies while also managing a real estate portfolio with nearly $2 billion in assets. Named the #1 marketer to watch by Forbes Magazine, Grant Cardone is also the founder of the 10X Movement and The 10X Growth Conference, the world’s largest business conference for entrepreneurs. While Grant is certainly passionate about his numerous business interests and helping others succeed, he is equally devoted to providing support and guidance for at-risk youths through his charity, The Grant Cardone Foundation.

We Gotta Teach These Kids How to Build and Invest in the Same Neighborhoods They are Looting and Burning.

I Want to Help
Underprivileged Kids

The right mentor can change the mindset of a trouble maker into a successful person who can also become a beacon of light to others. The person who will have real life skills, knowledge and more opportunities. That is why I founded The Grant Cardone Foundation. I want to help kids and young adults who need mentoring, direction and guidance. I know how badly I needed a father figure and how painful it is growing up without a strong role model. I know how angry a kid can become when one of the parents is missing and he or she feels all alone.

I told my mom when I was 16, “one day I will be successful and I am going to help a lot of people.” Now I am delivering on that promise with The Grant Cardone Foundation. If you know of a child that needs mentoring please let us know. If you know a group with a similar mission please reach out to us as we want to collaborate with other groups to provide energy and resources to kids in need.

I promise you that the money we raise will go to help kids and young adults who need it most.

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