Our Mission

To provide mentoring and financial literacy education to adolescents in underserved and at-risk populations, especially those without a father figure.

Our Vision

The vision of the Grant Cardone Foundation is a world in which every kid is provided the tools and mentorship they need to be successful in every aspect of their lives.

Who We Are

The Grant Cardone Foundation is an international non-profit organization invested in helping youth in our communities reach their full potential. Entrepreneur and best-selling author, Grant Cardone, created the foundation as a result of experiencing the traumatic loss of his father when he was only ten-years-old. Growing up without a father figure in his life affected him emotionally, socially, and academically. so he has made it his mission to help young adults, who may need life and career guidance, just as he once did. The foundation partners with community organizations, municipal agencies, corporations, and other non-profit entities to help deliver energy and educational resources to kids in need.

Grant’s Story

Board of Directors


Founder of Grant Cardone Foundation & CEO of Grant Cardone Training Technologies


Co-Founder of Grant Cardone Foundation & CEO of Build An Empire


COO of Grant Cardone Training Technologies


President of Grant Cardone Training Technologies


Irie Foundation, Founder

Claudienne Hibbert- Smith

Real Estate Professional

Ed Haynes

President, Haynes Security Services, Inc.

Board of Directors

Grant Cardone

Founder of Grant Cardone Foundation & CEO of Grant Cardone Training Technologies

Jarrod Glandt

President of Grant Cardone Training Technologies

Sheri Hamilton

COO of Grant Cardone Training Technologies

DJ Irie

Founder of Irie Foundation

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