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First 10X Hub Pitch-Off Winners

The first 10X Hub pitch-off winners have been selected!

We launched the 10X Hub program in 2021. The goal was to develop two sustainable businesses, train 1,000 entrepreneurs, create 100 jobs, and give access to the Cardone University educational materials to over 300,000 individuals in South Africa within 18 months.

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American flag illustrating the support of the Grant Cardone Foundation for Afghan refugees

In August of 2021, political turmoil in Afghanistan reached unfathomable heights. Taliban forces raided the country’s capital. This led to the loss of many lives and, ultimately, the collapse of the Afghan government. The U.S State Department acted quickly and implemented a plan to aid Afghan refugees. On Sept. 2021, The Afghan Placement and Assistance Program.   Read more

Sheri Hamilton presenting the 10X Kids University Teacher's Guide

The Grant Cardone Foundation has officially launched its interactive e-learning program for adolescents — 10X Kids University. 

The success of Cardone University was the inspiration behind 10X Kids University. This program will provide goal-setting skills and essential financial literacy education to children and young adults.

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