Las Cruces, New Mexico

April 3, 2023

The Grant Cardone Foundation, a national non-profit organization invested in helping youth in our communities reach their fullest potential has been named as the fundraising beneficiary by Ben Beard, a recreational swimmer who wants to give back in a 10X way – by swimming across The English Channel, a 21-mile stretch for up to 16 hours in one day. Beard will swim from Dover, England to Cap Gris-Nez, France wearing a swim cap, goggles and a speedo without flotation devices between June 8th to June 15th (based on weather and tidal conditions).

Beard, age 35 has decided to give back to Grant Cardone through The Grant Cardone Foundation as he says, “Grant Cardone is the reason I took chance on a business opportunity and became successful.” In 2017, Beard was in the midst of a career change when he spotted vacant residential lots within his own neighborhood and quickly approached the landowners about building three homes. However, within weeks of reading Grant Cardone’s book, The 10X Rule, he decided to “10X the offer” by making the deal that would change his career and built 30 homes within 18 months. “That’s how we got started and since then our business, Red Cliff Homes has built 215 homes in Las Cruces, New Mexico.”

While searching for the right opportunity to thank Grant Cardone for the motivational and business insights he’s been giving Beard for several years, the former high school 100-meter swimmer has been active and staying in shape but had never challenged himself to do something like swimming 21 miles across The English Channel. While he’s never competed in any open water swim races, Beard has followed swimming in the Channel and grew up around the water.

Today, Beard trains daily from 1-6 hours of swimming per day and will increase the number of hours as he approaches the Channel swim date. Beard says he thinks of Olympic Medalist, Michael Phelps and Chloe McCardel, who swam The English Channel a record-breaking 44-times and of course, Grant Cardone for his winning attitude and to help by fundraising and giving back to kids. The Channel Swimming Association will monitor the swim to assure the swimmer follows the rules. Additionally, a boat will travel alongside Beard to assure he is safe.

Today, Beard continues to be an active participate with Grant Cardone’s core training and has attended multiple 10X Boot Camps and the annual 10X Growth Conference (2020-2023) and since 2021 has been working with Cardone Ventures to grow and scale his business.


Ben Beard is the founder of Red Cliff Homes since 2017. Red Cliff Homes builds 1,500 -2,000 sq. ft. single family homes in Las Cruces, New Mexico priced from $250k-$400k which are designed for first time home buyers. Beard has resided in Las Cruces for over 11 years. Beard is married with four children.


Ben Beard’s 10X Ultimate Goal

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