“Consistency Is Key”: Mihlali Mtuyedwa, 10X Hub Entrepreneur

Mihlali Mtuyedwa 10X Hub Entrepreneur

As we continue to cover all the winners of the 10X Hub Pitch-Off, it’s so inspiring to discover how they’ve founded their businesses — as well as the lessons they’ve learned. Nonetheless, 26-year-old Mihlali Mtuyedwa’s insights on the importance of consistency in business beautifully encapsulate the purpose of the entire program…

Mihlali Mtuyedwa comes from a large family.

As a single mother and one of six siblings, she has always felt supported by her family as well as her strong faith… A fact that makes her occupational moniker, “The Stain Devil,” charmingly ironic.

If the nickname didn’t give it away, Mihlali owns her own laundry service, Mimie’s Laundry.

With the help of the 10X Hub, she transformed helping neighbors hand wash their blankets into an award-winning business…

Mihlali Mtuyedwa: Devil to Stains, Angel to Clientele 

Due to the global closures of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mimie found herself struggling to secure income for herself and her family. She started going door-to-door to help neighbors hand wash laundry — large comforters, in particular.

As a result, the single parent found that people were willing to pay her for this service. Hence, Mimie’s Laundry was born.

Although Mtuyedwa loves how her company connects her with new people, this also presented her with daunting challenges.

The unpredictable South African weather made it difficult for her to make her laundry deliveries on time. Furthermore, the region’s crime rate added the risk of her clients’ personal items being stolen.

However, Mihlali Mtuyedwa was given the tools to sustainably operate her business, which, in turn, meant more reliability for her customers.

“Consistency is key, and you have to know what you want,” Mihlali says. “If you started small, it doesn’t mean you won’t evolve and be able to grow into a giant.”

Ultimately, Mihlali Mtuyedwa committed to her business — rain or shine, crime or no crime — and made it work.

She knew success was her only option and made it to the top — one blanket at a time.

There are so many industries represented in the 10X Hub program, but consistency is key to all their successes.

And as we share more of their stories, we’ll remember Mihlali’s encouragement that they all may become giants…

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