“It’s All About Knowledge!”: Neliswa Maboya, 10X Hub Entrepreneur

Neliswa Maboya 10X Entrepreneur

The triumphant journeys of the 10X Hub entrepreneurs in South Africa never cease to amaze us. Today’s story is no exception. Meet Neliswa Maboya, the construction business owner who is paving her way to success…

If anyone knows the value of massive action, it’s certainly Neliswa.

Combine her 10X ethos with resilience, determination, and an eye for opportunity, and it’s clear that her prosperous business is on the horizon.

Today, Neliswa Maboya is expanding her skill set like never before within the 12-month incubation program. However, prior to entering the 10X Hub, she leveraged her own grit to overcome challenges — in business and in life.

Difficult Childhood to Unwavering Work Ethic

Over the years, Maboya has proven that every person has the power to be greater than their circumstances.

“Unfortunately, I never knew my father. I grew up very tough,” she says about her childhood in the Eastern Cape. “We struggled and didn’t have a lot. I married at a young age and now have five children.”

Despite her struggles early on in life, Neliswa never allowed hardship to define her. Instead, she became laser-focused on her passion for work, even in her spare time.

“I enjoy working,” she says. “I’m always up to something or busy making plans with others.”

Equipped with the right work ethic, Neliswa Maboya created the foundation for Morning Due Building Suppliers, her construction and hardware store.

Even more inspiring is the sustainable nature of her business, which all began with repurposing materials.

“We started picking up the old wooden pallets used for shipping,” Neliswa explains. “We recycled it and then started building bungalows/shacks for people.”

In the process, she identified her community’s need for access to more affordable building material. “I collected it from old sites and breakdowns, then refurbished it to be resold to potential clients.”

Piece by piece — and embracing the nickname “Patience” — all her efforts are finally starting to pay off.

“You Just Have to Get Involved!” — Neliswa Maboya

Since Neliswa has been part of the 10X Hub, she has broadened her knowledge, immersed herself in education, and expanded her skills.

From client relationships to stakeholder management, Maboya is constantly building a foundation of excellence for her construction business.

As a parting thought, at the Grant Cardone Foundation, our purpose is to provide mentoring and financial literacy education in underserved communities.

We have woven this very mission into the fabric of the 10X Hub, and entrepreneurs like Neliswa remind us of the real-life impact of the incubation program.

Until next time, we’ll leave you with her own powerful words:

“Unfortunately, access to opportunities like [the 10X Hub] is virtually impossible for most people in South Africa. I have never ever come across people who want to help, assist, and mentor people like this before.” — Neliswa Maboya on her 10X Hub experience
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